Shakeplus review; A healthy protein shake?

When I changed course 3 years ago I did extensive research on the different types of proteins. Because just as with normal food, there are the varieties that are cheap and the varieties that are full of dredge, and then there are the products that taste like concrete mix. I think I’ve tried more than 50 different kinds of protein shakes in recent years before I ended up with the Smart Protein from Body & Fit. That shake was cheap, worked well and tasted good. No more reason for me to look further. So why the Shakeplus review?

The only thing missing in the list of benefits of the Smart Protein was the ‘healthy ingredients’ factor. Although it is of course always better to get enough protein through natural food (meat, fish, poultry, nuts, etc), protein shakes are a pleasant change or addition. That’s why I always have a pot at home and start with a shake almost every day.

About Shakeplus
Shakeplus is a relatively new player in the market and, for a change, is not only focusing on muscle growth and weight loss (although this is certainly possible with that product), but also on the other nutrients our body needs. What appealed to me immediately was the natural character of the ingredients. Of course, protein shakes will not become completely natural, because of course there is no desert anywhere with a bottom of protein powder, but you don’t want to know what is sometimes used in your protein powder to make it tastier or cheaper. So Shakeplus certainly has an advantage over the rest.

The claim of the product:
The product: “half of all your daily vitamins and minerals, the proteins of half a steak and the fibres of two brown sandwiches – all in one tasty, easy meal shake with superfood. Ideal for breakfast, a snack or when exercising. For more energy, optimal health and better performance. Ready in 30 seconds and cheaper than a cup of coffee at the station.”

Later I will return to my experience with the product, but now first the product itself. When you look at the ingredients of the Shakeplus shakes (from the strawberry shake, for example), it is noticeable that they actually contain strawberry powder. For many other shakes, the taste is added with an E-number. It is also noticeable that when you have finished the strawberry shake, there are actually strawberry seeds left behind. You don’t taste anything of this, but it worked positively on my ‘healthy’ experience 😉

Pure proteins cannot be chopped, so of course the shake needs some sweetening. At Shakeplus they have done this with the natural Stevia. Although Stevia isn’t 100% healthy either, it’s a lot better than aspartame for example… if I can believe the latest research. Again, they score some points at Shakeplus.

The Shakeplus review / my experience
A year ago, Shakeplus came to me. I was approached by the company to test their product and give feedback. If I liked it, I would be able to test the product extensively. I got a sample sent by the company and tried this natural protein shake the next morning. Due to the natural character of the ingredients I was of course directly interested, but so far I was also very satisfied with the Smart Protein.

My first sip immediately ended my interest in the product… what a turn! Don’t drink that stuff! As if I took a sip of concrete. I had promised to give the company feedback on the product and I did. She promised me that they were already busy optimising the taste and that new ones would follow. We agreed that they would contact me if the taste was improved.

To be honest, I didn’t expect to hear from Shakeplus again, but that changed 4 weeks ago. I received another email asking if I wanted to test the product again and the next day I had the new samples back in the house. Still a bit shocked from my first experience I brought the rim of the shaker cup to my mouth, while anxiously holding a cup of water in my other hand (okay, I’m exaggerating a bit). I took my first sip and…. it was delicious… get used to it… but delicious.

I mailed Shakeplus that I would like to receive a whole pot to do an extensive Shakeplus review. I had received 3 flavours as a sample, namely strawberry, vanilla and chocolate. Vanilla tasted just like many other shakes, I don’t wear chocolate and strawberry… there was something about that. That taste got stuck and there’s something about that taste that appeals to me. I wanted to use it for my test!

The effect on my body
It’s easy to test if you can lose weight with proteins, but it’s almost impossible to test the difference in action between two different protein shakes. The conditions are never the same because you have to test the product for a couple of weeks to really discover a difference.